Case Study — Conversion from Conventional to Image

The Challenge

One of Prismac’s Australian clients processed over 6.5M payments per year.

With the introduction of GST, the client determined 90% of these payments would occur in 4 quarterly peaks and its existing remittance processing system would not cope with the peaks. The client needed a new solution that would handle the load.

In addition the new system had to collect data from the current payment advices as well as new ones, interface with the client’s accounts payable system, and comply with the new Electronic Presentment and Dishonour Standards.

The Solution

Prismac analysed existing processing rules and defined the new processing specifications for client approval. To handle the peak volumes, Prismac designed an image workflow processing solution based on Unisys hardware and Prismac software, the Image Remittance Processing System (IRPS).

IRPS processes all cheque and remittance payments received by the client. The documents are scanned into images, data extracted and validated, and formatted electronic files transmitted to the client mainframe application. The cheque transactions are presented in files for electronic exchange and settlement via their individual bank.

The Results

Prismac’s IRPS was the first image workflow solution based on Microsoft Windows to be implemented in Australia.

Prismac managed this project – including a pilot and implementation at two sites – completing it on time and within budget, prior to the introduction of GST. Prismac also provides ongoing maintenance and customer support.

IRPS has consistently demonstrated the strength of Prismac’s design, readily coping with the quarterly peak processing volumes.


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