Case Study — Transition from Offshore Back Office Processing

Prismac’s client is a leading provider of business process outsource (BPO) services to financial institutions, utilities, and corporations. Prismac had a long-term relationship with the organisation, starting with a remittance and proof solution for an international bank over 10 years ago.

The Challenge

Having won a contract for a major bank, the client had to replace the proprietary systems which the bank ran offshore with open systems run in country by the outsource bureau. For a number of agent banks and large customers, the bank processed & cleared transactions as well as provided lockbox & direct entry capture services. The banks legacy systems were poorly documented and contained many processing exceptions which were unmaintainable.

In migrating from the offshore system, the bank also required a new mechanism for file distribution.
In addition the client wanted a solution that provided consolidated information and control to effectively run the bureau for additional customers.

The challenge was to implement the solution to meet the short timeframe mandated by the bank’s transition.

The Solution

The client selected Prismac for its knowledge and expertise in transaction processing.

Prismac worked with its client and the bank to redevelop the out-of-date documentation for the bank’s legacy systems into agreed specifications. Prismac collaborated with the client to redesign of the functionality to meet the bank’s requirements, engineer the new solution.

Prismac also advised the client in network design and on the most effective options for implementation in the open environment. Prismac provided technical services to integrate with other bank systems, and consulting services to operate a national processing bureau with local operations in each state.

The Results

Prismac and its client successfully completed the project on time and within budget, allowing all agreed processing to commence on the date required for the bank’s transition.

Today the mission critical solution continues to perform effectively and productively without process or system failure.

Furthermore the Prismac solution has demonstrated the flexibility to evolve with enhancements, upgrades and increased capacity, allowing the client to manage its outsourcing business and add new customers.


The client's Director of Business Development made these comments on Prismac and the new system:

"Originally, we had a choice to ether convert the existing applications or rewrite the entire system. By opting to start from scratch and rewrite the entire application using leading-edge technologies, we were able to add new functionality requested by the end users that had not been possible on the legacy systems. This new functionality has provided us with significant productivity improvements in our operational areas where maximum use of the available processing time is critical.

"Even with the tight development timeframes, it was pleasing to see a trouble-free live cutover in April. The new CPS system has proven to be a very reliable and robust application over the first six months of implementation meeting our stringent mission-critical performance requirements. Additionally, with an average of six new implementations or upgrades per month, it was essential to have a system that was easy to enhance and maintain.

"The technical team at Prismac delivered to our objectives and has provided us with a top quality solution that meets our business needs and continues to provide us with the support we need to maintain the growth and reputation of our business."


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