Prismac’s Import Consolidation & Distribution System (ICDS) is a mission-critical system for processing direct debit and cheque transactions, credit card and remittance batches, and import/export of other forms of payment.

ICDS is a transaction management system or gateway for the import, consolidation & distribution of financial transactions.  Based on proven client-server technology, ICDS delivers a flexible system for organisations to manage financial payment transactions such as electronic payments, direct entry and item processing payments from documents transport systems. These transactions are indexed with associated meta-data and recorded in the ICDS database. ICDS middleware environment coordinates import and export functions for distribution from and the host systems of internal and external organisations.

ICDS also provides comprehensive management and statistical reporting on payment processing. Clients have full access to the ICDS database by using Microsoft SQL Server reporting tools. In addition ICDS fully supports the APCA Electronic Presentment standard and New Zealand Bacho standard, and provides the summary reporting required by these exchange clearing processes.

ICDS includes a large range of external file formats for import and distribution. Prismac can easily accommodate “non-standard” requirements on request.

ICDS runs in flexible client-server architecture, scalable from small installations requiring few file formats through to large processing centres with many input and output formats.

For more information about ICDS, please Contact Us directly.