IRPS Enterprise

Prismac’s Image Remittance Proof System (IRPS Enterprise) provides a single software technology for processing of proof of deposit, remittance and lockbox payments.

IRPS Enterprise delivers the advantages of imaging technology to remittance processing and reconciliation. Through its imaging technology, IRPS Enterprise optimises operational efficiency and workflows, enabling same day banking and dramatically improving customer service levels.

As with other Prismac software solutions, IRPS Enterprise can be customised to fit its client’s specific requirements.

The Image Workflow module of IRPS Enterprise captures the image of each remittance advice (deposit/pay-in slip) and associated cheques via a document scanner. The images and associated meta-data (e.g. BSB, account number, cheque number, amount) are stored electronically in the IRPS Enterprise database. Images may be retrieved for inquiries, reconciliation, data entry, quality assurance and/or printing. 

Images may also be accessed by automatic character recognition components, reducing the labour intensive data entry of information. Courtesy Amount Recognition (CAR) interprets handwritten or machine printed numeric amounts while Optical Character (OCR) and Magnetic Ink Character (MICR) recognition technology interpret code lines pre-printed on the documents.

IRPS Enterprise significantly improves productivity compared with the legacy process, moving data completion to the office environment where it is most effectively handled and eliminating paper handling. IRPS Enterprise integrates with image archival and retrieval enabling easy access to images and providing the organisation with a paperless environment for inquiry and customer service.

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