IRPS Source Capture

Prismac’s IRPS Source Capture provides a single software technology for the processing of proof of deposit and remittance payments in a branch network environment.

IRPS Source Capture improves productivity applying image workflow techniques to the branch environments. In addition IRPS Source Capture creates more secure and expeditious exchange for value by removing costs and the risks associated with transporting the deposited documents to a central processing centre.

IRPS Source Capture can be installed in the following configurations to suit your requirements:

Bullet  Source Capture of image and scan line with centralised completion

Bullet  Source Capture of items with distributed completion and centralised consolidation

In addition, IRPS Source Capture can be used in the branch network in conjunction with IRPS Enterprise in the central processing centre for institutions with complex business requirements.

IRPS Source Capture is ideal for financial institutions with an image-based payment processing strategy.

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