Ongoing Support Services

Customer SupportHigh volume payment processing systems are mission-critical. Support ensures they operate all the time.

Customers recognise and highly value two characteristics:

1. Prismac’s highly reliable systems

2. Prismac’s ongoing customer support

Prismac’s customer support is a product of over 20 years knowledge and experience in high-volume payment systems. By having its own dedicated centre, Prismac maintains high standards in flexibility and responsiveness.

Importantly because its customer support is local, Prismac offers greater effectiveness, reliability, and savings over the lifecycle of the payment solution.

Each customer can choose the customer support options that are best for its requirements, including:

Bullet   Annual maintenance covering new releases of Prismac software

Bullet   Support period, e.g. during normal business hours, after hours, weekends

Bullet  Technical consulting during the contracted periods