Project Management Services

Project ManagementPrismac manages every project on the solid foundation of over 20 years experience in delivering high-volume payment systems.

Prismac’s project managers start with an in-depth understanding of your business functions and your objectives for the project. They ensure all stakeholders are engaged and well informed throughout the project lifecycle.

Working closely with your staff, Prismac takes special effort to document your user requirements and to develop from them a functional specification for your approval. Prismac’s experience in running these projects over 20 years results in on-time and on-budget delivery of the customised solution.

During the project, Prismac makes sure that each participant knows what he is to do, when it is to be done, and the importance of each task within the project. The project typically involves integration with your existing systems and tailoring to your unique requirements. Prismac manages internal and external resources to maintain momentum, accommodates variations if needs change, and regularly reporting progress to stakeholders. The know-how that Prismac has gained over 20 years guarantees that the customised solution is always delivered on-time and on-budget.

Prismac always performs a post-implementation review, confirming that all milestones and objectives have been achieved, discussing any lessons learned, and ensuring everyone shares in the ultimate success of the project.