Systems Integration Services

Payment processing solutions are complex and “one size does not fit all”.

For example, systems used in Europe and USA are designed for very high volumes and support standards that are not valid in other regions. The cost to adapt these systems for local requirements and regulations can be substantial.

In contrast, Prismac provides robust payment solutions that comply with the specific regulations for each customer, run on a standard, scalable, client-server environment, and easily integrate with your existing systems.

Prismac maintains locally the technical resources and depth of knowledge gained in 20 years of building integrated mission-critical payment systems. By having its own dedicated centre, Prismac maintains high standards in software design, development, quality assurance, and timely delivery.

On site, Prismac coordinates the integration and system & user acceptance testing before release.
Thus Prismac ensures that your payment processing solution is comprehensively integrated quickly and cost-effectively.